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Monday, April 19, 2010

Infinity Web Browser

• Summary: Infinity full functioned browser on Android
• Requirements: Android Phone

Infinity Web Browser on Android is not only a full functioned browser to help you surf web smoothly, but also specializes the following differentiated features from others:

* Tabbed browsing
* Multiple language instant news portal for multiple countries and regions around the world
* All-in-one search including web, image, blog, Youtube video, local business, news, book and patent
* Built-in full featured text & web page translator
* Built-in RSS (feed) subscription and online and offline reader
* Built in Youtube video watch
* Built in 3gp/mp3/mp4 audio/video player
* Find In Page
* Downloads
* Slick and easy-to use interfaces
* Full Screen Mode (in menu)

Recently, we have been working hard on developing new features for our latest product the Infinity Web Browser.

* you can long click links and pictures to save as, share, copy url and open/open in new tab
* create shortcuts to home screen by long clicking a bookmark in Bookmarks
* you can choose to show or hide the scroll bar and text on the main bar in settings
* There are many options tab related options to use when you long click a tab
* you can see the back/forward navigation history on the current tab by long clicking either back or forward
* The translation page automatically remembers your previously selected languages
* The translation page automatically takes the text on the clipboard and puts it int the “Enter a word” text box.
* Infinity supports auto-rotate if you enable the option in the phone’s settings app (Settings -> Sounds & Display -> Orientation)
* by pressing the add feed button on the main toolbar, infinity will auto-detect if there is a feed to be able to subscribe to
* on the homepage, you can select what you would like to search for in the options box (default is web)
* Infinity supports watching videos from links to youtube videos
* Reload and stop is combined as one button
* Clicking the search button with activate the Go to URL toolbar, holding the button with activate the Search toolbar

Infinity Web Browser Screenshots


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