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Monday, April 5, 2010

Joikusoft JoikuSpot Premium v2.50

JoikuSpot software turns your mobile phone instantly to a personal and secure WLAN (Wi-Fi) HotSpot.

JoikuSpot, developed byJoikusoft, is a secure and award winning mobilesoftware solution thatturns mobile phones instantly to WLAN (Wi-Fi)HotSpots.

With JoikuSpot, connect your laptops, iPods, EeePCs and internet tablets to internet easily and securely using your mobile phone's 3G internet connection.Youwill carry internet in your pocket, and will always have asecuredpersonal WLAN (Wi-Fi) HotSpot on-the-go! Multiple devices canconnectin parallel and seamlessly share the same 3G internetconnection.

JoikuSpot Light Features
- HTTP(S) protocol support
- WLAN access to internet with laptops, iPods and internet tablets
- Secured access and user control
- Multiple parallel connections
- User definable access point and settings
- GPS location mapping Supports S60 3rd Ed mobile phones
JoikuSpot Premium Features
- All the JoikuSpot Light functionality
- Secured access to corporate intrawebs (VPN)
- Email support
- Full support for all network access protocols such as Outlook, Skype, Gmail, YouTube, Messengers...
- No forced default landing page
- 100% customizable for operator and corporate whitelabeling and licencing


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