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Sunday, April 11, 2010

»MiCarrito v1.11 Shoping Maneger

Developer: Alberto Fraj Souto
Support Email:

I just finished developing an application to manage the shopping list (called MiCarrito) and I'd like you to test it and provide me with some feedback.

With MiCarrito you can:
* Sort the shopping list by product categories to make shopping easier and faster.
* Create recipes defining lists of ingredients. Add all the ingredients in a recipe directly to the shopping list.
* Sort product categories in the list to fit the path you usually follow in the supermarket.
* Develop new products and categories, and re-assign products to a different category.
* For each product you can select the unit of measure and its price.
* For each product you can see the quantity that you bought of that same product during the last week and the last month.
* Synchronize your shopping list with your partner or a friend.
* Once in the supermarket, you can move the products from the shopping list to the shopping cart/trolley. Besides, you can set the current price and see the price it was the last time you bought it.
* As you fill the cart you will see the number of products in it and total amount of your shopping.

- Added a limit of 50 elements in Search lists
- Improved performance throgh background file write
- Added functionality to import from text files (format per line: product,category)
- You can now delete multiple products from the shopping cart
- Added Swedish localization (thanks to gutte)
- Added Italian localization (thanks to Zizio82)
- Added German localization (thanks to Lycox)

MiCarrito Screenshots

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