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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Super Mario Bros.VGA v2.00

• Summary: Play as SuperMario fight your way through multiple levels,grassland,iceland,pipeworld,and bowsers castle.VGA only.
• Requirements:
Windows Mobile Pocket PC 6 , 6.1,VGA only
» SuperMarioBros.VGA Description
Developer: krenisis
Support Email:

Play as SuperMario fight through multiple levels iceland ,grassland,pipeworld,and bowsers castle. Enemies are harmless but shoot weapons at you that can kill you,stomp their daylights out. Use stylus to press the start and exit buttons. Onscreen keys control SuperMario. Classic graphics and music ! VGA only If you need intructions on installation go to www.krenisiswinmobilegamesapps.c


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