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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

WM WifiRouter 1.60

Description: WMWifiRouter instantly turns your Windows Mobile device into a wireless internet hotspot. Now you can use your laptop and any other device with wifi to get online and surf, email, instant message, and anything else you normally use the internet for!

* Share your cellular data/internet connection over wifi
* Connect any wifi-enabled device with ad-hoc mode support
* Supports multiple devices at the same time
* Easy to use: for most users, getting up and running is a matter of a single click
* Power saving: works even when the device is suspended!
* IP, wifi and cellular configuration built-in
* 64- and 128-bit WEP encryption support
* Automatic reconnect on connection loss
* Compatible with almost all recent Windows Mobile devices
* Distinction between basic and advanced users
* Keep-alive support to prevent automatic disconnects for specific carriers
* Battery monitoring and management
* Support for sharing your cellular data connection over bluetooth and usb
* Support for sharing your wifi connection to usb, and vice versa
* Multi-language support # Ability to feed internet to your normal wireless router, with WPA encryption
# Live traffic statistics
# Live DHCP statistics
# Port mapping support
# DMZ support

WMWifiRouter 1.60
This new version brings a long list of changes. Excluding the minor changes, tweaks and bug-fixes, here are the main ones:

- Due to further optimizations the complete WMWifiRouter package is now about 35% smaller

- Various minor UI tweaks for better compatibility with Windows Mobile 6.5 and 6.5.x

- The setup procedure for new installs is now much shorter. Of course, all configuration options you may ever need are still available under Options -> Configuration

- Some informational pop-ups have been added

- When sharing over Wi-Fi, an informational window now pops up listing the network name and password

Device specific compatibility updates:
- Samsung Omnia II
- Samsung Omnia Pro B7320
- Samsung Omnia Pro B7330
- Samsung Omnia Pro / Qwerty B7610
- Samsung B7620 / Giorgio Armani II


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