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Thursday, April 1, 2010

wmIRC 2.5 – IRC client for windows phone

wmIRC is one of the first IRC(Internet Relay Chat) client for Windows Mobile that works on both Smartphone and Pocket PC devices. With clear and straightforward user interface wmIRC is much faster and easier to use than it’s competitors. wmIRC contains only the required and minimum set of functionality, so that even novice IRC users can work with it without any problems. wmIRC is optimized for mobile IRC users who use IRC messaging a lot.

It has much nice features, that can make IRC chatting with your Microsoft Windows Mobile gadget a bliss!


  • Intuitive and straightforward user interface.
  • Multiple channels support, tabbed navigation.
  • Color and font codes support.
  • Real VGA mode, square screens and screen rotation support.
  • Messages highlighting.
  • Secure communications. TLS and SSL support.
  • Vibro, Sound and Balloon Tips notifications of new messages.
  • Display users list in channels.
  • Private chats, /query nickname.
  • Most of text commands are duplicated through a menu.
  • Macroses list support, copy/paste.
  • Context menus most everywhere – channels text, tabs, etc…
  • Multiple server templates support.
  • Remebers last 10 phrases and provides quick access to them through a menu bar.
  • Built in traffic counter.
  • Built in Ident server.
  • Native, fast, compact and efficient code(ARMv4).
  • Multiple character sets translation and Unicode(UTF-8) servers support.

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  1. serial please...or SP version cracked...


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