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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


• Summary: The new puzzle action craze!! Totally original puzzle action game will have you playing for hour.
• Requirements:
Windows Mobile Pocket PC 6.1,6.5, WVGA resolution only
» ColorBoxWVGA Description
Developer: krenisis
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Time to exp. true new innovation and fun. The awesome mix of puzzle and action has arised. Colorbox windows mobile game is a very addictive puzzle-action game.Tested on touchpro2 and xperia1x.WVGA resolution only .Not HD2 compatible.

How to play

1)you protect woo the yellow charactor on the bottum from blue and gray balls ,by destroying them tapping them with your stylus.
2)you have 2 types of power-ups
A)Red box=you tap it and it creates a beam that temporary destroy blue and gray balls.
B)Green glob= the green glob hits the floor then transforms to a green arrow that shoots up and destroys gray and blue balls.
3)Woo collects poits by collecting the yellow balls.

Watch it in action on youtube

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