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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mobile Connections v0.42

• Summary: Search your Train connections in Germany for the entire network of the DB and major routes in Europe. More Routes to follow. Completly finger friendly

• Requirements:
Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1, 6.5, 6.5.3

» mobileConnections Description
Developer: brAndi
Support Email:
Web Site:

You can search all the routes of the german train system in germany and the major routes of europe (Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Poland Chez Rep., Franze, Spain, Protugal, Italy, UK and others.

The Program uses the Manila SDK 1.2

[Requirements] +SqlCe 3.5 is required! +.NetCF3.5 is required! [Version 0.11]
Fixed a Bug for the German ä,ö,ü and added new functions for Traveldate and Traintype selection.

[Version 0.20]
+More Features and Travel Details
+More Stabillity
+New Icon

[Version 0.21]
+ finally fixed the "Umlaute" Problem.

+More Info on Details
+ErrorOutput on Failure
+Fixed Detailed Output to be more correct

[V.0.23] +Fixed Bus and Tram +Fixed Capital Umlaute und "ß" in Search. +Fixed Output without Price Information [V.0.30]
+Favorites Function
+"Zuglaug" View for every single Operating Train
+Fixed a lot of the Output.
-SqlCE is still quite Slow, need to fix that soon!
+SqlCE is required to be installed for this build!
+Hotfix for GUI Error
+SqlCe Hotfix - Now the performance is good!
+New DateControl
+Fix for Walking and Unsupported Traintypes
+Fix for TimeDelay
+Added the Microsoft SqlCE Server to the Cab.
+Added MyLocation Service for Startplace
+Fixed a lot of Output
+Added Status Panel [V.0.41]
+Checking for Updates
+Self Locationing is better now
+Fixed some Outputs
+Fixed Status Panel
+Fixed Output for not-Supported Connections
+Fixed Warnings for Wrong Details
+Better Analytics.


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