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Saturday, June 12, 2010

PCRecovery DriveRestore Professional v3.1.2 Full

DriveRestore Professional will repair: corrupt PC drives, corrupt iPods, corrupt digital cameras, corrupt removable drives, corrupt virtual drives, etc., with NO loss of data. GUARANTEED!

Key Features:

* Diagnose, review and automatically repair drive errors
* Repair drive problems that are causing crashes and non-responsive systems
* Repair Windows drives with no loss of data.
* Repair corrupted MFT (corrupted Master File Table)
* Repair corrupted MP3 players, digital cameras, pen drives, digital memory
sticks, virtual drives, e.g. VMware, etc
* Repair corrupted Boot Sectors and corrupted partition tables
* Maintain optimum drive performance
* Recover deleted or lost drives and their file data
* Repair corrupted iPods with no loss of data
* Automated, or customizable, repair and recovery
* Advanced disk editor

DriveRestore Professional will repair:

* Corrupted partitions.
* Virus damaged file systems.
* Disk Boot failure.
* Invalid media errors.
* Invalid drive specification errors.
* Deleted or lost partitions.


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