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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Vista Start Menu PRO v3.67 MultiLang

Vista Start Menu Pro - professional version of user-friendly alternative to the Start menu for Windows XP, Vista and 7 and other too. The program uses your cognitive abilities (visual memory, and reflections), but it is understandable for beginners and effective at the hands of experienced users. The main difference is that the labels on applications that are installed on your system, do not change their position and are constantly on the same place. Labels are listed alphabetically, and if a user removes one of the programs of the other does not change - at a disposal program generated an empty space. When a user installs a new program, this space is filled. The program interface is Multilingual.

• Save the positions of the programs and folders in the menu
• Simple and rapid change in the size of the Start Menu "
• Using tabs for easy menu navigation
• Highlighting newly installed programs
• Increase the size of the content menu with hot keys (if you have bad eyesight)
• Moving the menu to any convenient place on your desktop screen or the second monitor
• Quick shutdown and restart your computer using keyboard shortcuts
• Convenient function scroll through the list of programs
• Quick Start program using the keyboard
• Running programs from the command-line directly from the Vista Start Menu
• Quick search for files on your PC and information on the Internet
• Do not replace / modify system files and system settings
• Multi-language interface.
• Everything stays in Place
• resizeable menu
• Highlighting new programs
• Flexible zoom
• Place the menu in Any Place
• Quick shutdown or restart computer using the keyboard
• Comfortable scrolling,Comfortable keyboard
• Support
• Command line Support
• PC and Internet search

Features Pro-version:
• Quick Start program in one click (click on the folder program)
• Start Menu as you like
• Quick uninstall programs directly from the Vista Start Menu
• Additional skin Aero Skin (only in Windows Vista and Windows 7).



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