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Friday, August 6, 2010

Air Battles: Sky Defender ( PC Highly Compressed Full )

Air Battles: Sky Defender | PC | Genre: WWII Flight Sim | 147 MB
Air Battles: Sky Defender allows players to experience WW II aerial combat with historically accurate aircraft. Air Battles was specifically designed for gamers that can’t get enough of First Person Shooter (FPS) action.
* Designed with the novice in mind - just jump in and fly!
* Extreme realism: tracer rounds, trailing smoke and fire, actual engine and battle sounds, and weather so real you’ll swear you’re actually there
* Historically themed and fully-scripted missions often involving over 600airplanes!
* Fly tons of authentic planes like the German Me 109 or the British Spitfire

System requirements:
CPU: Pentium IV or AMD Athlon 2.0GHz or faster
Ram: 512MB
Video Card: DirectX9 Compliant with 128MB RAM
Sound Card: Directx9 compliant
Hard Drive Space: 1GB

Install Notes:-
1) Unpack (use unpack.bat)
2) Start Setup.bat
3) Play!

Screen Shots:



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