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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

cleanRAM 2.1 – free up unused RAM on windows phone

cleanRAM is a windows mobile software used to free up unused RAM on windows mobile. When you use your windows mobile and with lot of apps and games on it, you might occasionally find the need to reboot to free up some precious RAM, with this app you wont have to, just run the app and release the unused RAM and you are good to go.


  • Release memory for Windows Mobile devices.
  • Amazing utility which helps you to clean up the wasted RAM memory without having to restart the device and eventually saves a lot of time.


  • cleanRAM is a very useful tool for Windows Mobile devices.
  • cleanRAM lets you with a single click release part of the RAM on your PDA and accelerating in this way.
  • cleanRAM is a memory reclaimer similar to Oxios but with advanced settings and actually works! great solution for the Windows Mobile memory leak problem.
  • cleanRAM attempts to release as much memory as possible, cleanRAM will refresh your device memory (RAM).
  • cleanRAM can save you a lot of SOFT RESET!


  • GUI cleaning supported (tested on: TouchFLO3D, HTC Sense ,SPB Mobile Shell, Windows Mobile 6.5 today screen)
  • There are 3 levels of cleaning + personally customized processes list.
  • Settings:
                     ~ Define all cleanRAM behavior.
                     ~ Hibernate for old devices.
                     ~ Close all applications – force closing all applications.
                     ~ Launch startup programs after cleaning ended.
                     ~ Clear recent start menu items.
                     ~ And more…
  • Multilanguage supported with option to add new language.
  • Customized Processes List – custom level that help you to define the process(es) you wish to clean.
  • Schedule – automatically clean up by schedule (time/date and more options…), get clean-up event at a specific time! extra settings:
                    ~ Notify you before cleanup starting.
                    ~ Wake up device before cleanup.
  • Exceptions List – add to exceptions list: program(s) / process(es) and also you can select “startup shortcuts” that you want to skip/ignore.
  • Backup / Restore – backup all your cleanRAM settings into INI file. You can also select and load default settings from recommended settings reservoir list.
  • Update Service – update cleanRAM to latest version directly from the cleanRAM. configuration (this feature using internet connection). also you can reinstall your last version.
Installation Instructions:

1. Download the latest attached ZIP file from htcAddicts website or from this post (click on “Download” button).
2. Extract the ZIP file into some temporary folder on your PC.
3. Copy the “” file (from the ZIP file) into some temporary folder on your device (use ActiveSync).
4. Execute “” from your device (use file explorer), recommend you install cleanRAM to device memory.

  • .cab is the zipped file along with the Readme and License text files.
  • After installation completed you find two links created, one called: “cleanRAM Config” (configuration tool) in the “Start Menu -> Programs” and the second called: “cleanRAM” (is the actual memory reclaimer) in the “Start Menu”.
  • cleanRAM will be installed into /Program files/htcAddicts folder.

Uninstall Instructions:

1. Run cleanRAM Configuration.
2. Menu -> Schedule.
3. Uncheck the Enabled button.
4. Close.
5. “Start” -> “Settings” -> “System” -> “Remove Programs”.
6. Select and Uninstall “htcAddicts cleanRAM”.



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