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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

CSMI 1.4b – custom icons for windows phone

CSMI ( Change Start Menu Icons ) is a windows mobile software that helps you change icons for programs in start menu and then, of course, in the quick links on the home screen. You can associate any PNG image (with transparency also) to any program in start menu: works both for applications AND folders. You can also reset the original icons if you wish.

Version 1.4 – Current

  • New: Import/Export icon configuration: dumps to an XML file all the icons that have been changed, so you can reload them back later.. or after flashing a new rom Remember to leave the csmi_exported.xml on the root folder of your MicroSD card (if you don’t have an SD card, put it instead in the root of your device).
  • New: In the list are now shown only the items actually present in the start menu, so you should get much less “phantom” icons on bad cooked roms (when the cooker adds an item, then removes it in the start menu but forgets to clean the registry )
  • New: Main icon list now scrolls up/down instead of left/right
  • New: When you are browsing for new icons, you can see the name of the application on the upper section of the dialog box. So many times I forgot which icon I was changing, it really pissed me off.. but not anymore!
  • New/Fix in 1.4a: Added an option to not filter icons.. tell me if this solves some problems!
  • Fix in 1.4b: Some localization problem solved.. should prevent errors during CSMI startup! Can’t test since I’ve only got a WWE Rom Please report feedback! Thanks!


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