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Saturday, March 13, 2010

UC Thunder

  • Summary: UCThunder v 1.06 - download manager for S60 3rd devices by UCWeb developers. UCThunder supports download from HTTP, FTP, and BT. Associated with UCWeb 7.0 browser, supports resuming and many many more.
  •  Requirements:Symbian s60 3th edition Associated with UCWeb 7.0 browser
  •  Price: Freeware

Key Features:

  • Support for mobile GPRS, EDGE, 3G, WiFi access points for download.
  •  Available from URL input [HTTP, FTP, Thunder address (thunder://), Express Address (flashget://)] download function.
  • Support open local paper bt seed to download.
  •  Default provision of the software, film, music, games, themes and other recommended download.
  • Available for download resources, search functionality, including music, software, themes and other resources search.
  • Available for download and download capabilities of task management functions.
  •  Client supports background downloading and accompanied by front suspension box displays progress.
  • Suspended box a custom location.
  •  Bluetooth function for downloaded file sharing capabilities.
  •  Support for UC Browser 7.0 final version of each call.
  • Support and associated with UC Browser 7.0 final version download, currently supports BT/FTP/Thunder/Express resources related downloads.
  •  Support association with default phone browser to download, currently supports for HTTP protocol to download related resources.
What's new:

  • Limits on BT downloads (500 Mb).
  •  Added option Copy/Paste URL.
  •  Optimized and improved UI (pop-up windows, etc.).
  • Improved stability in the download process.
  • Added seach history (keyword search).

  •  UC browsers only support the official version 7.0 and later versions used in conjunction with the association.
  •  Please download and install UC Browser 7.0 final version, use the Thunder and the association between UC capabilities.


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