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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pilot Pocket Checklistsv1.23

• Summary: Create, edit and use checklists for preflight and flying. Pilot Pocket Checklists is optimized for single hand use in shaky cockpits.

• Requirements:
 Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1, 6.5 .NET CF 3.5 (included in installation)

» Description
Developer: Pilot Pocket Software
Support Email:
Web Site:

Using PilotPocket Checklists you can create, edit and use checklists for all your preflight and flying tasks. You can go through the checklists using arrow keys only - you need only one hand and no stylus.
Features at a glance
Keyboard-only mode support (stylus is required for editing)
Configurable item text size.
Full-screen mode support - no wasted space for menus and status bars.
Fast switching between checklists.
Unlimited number of checklists and checklist items
1.23 version updates
Fixed problem with large custom on-screen keyboards in entry and edit forms.
1.22 version updates
Application close/minimize button behavior is now configurable.
Application now checks that only one instance is active at a time.
1.21 version updates
Devices with screen resolutions above 320x240 are now supported
1.20 version updates
Added emergency/normal checklist types with hardware key switching.
Unnecessary checklist files can be hidden temporarily.
1.10 version updates
The old title bar and buttons replaced with the new navigation bar.
Copy/paste added to all edit forms.
If you see the bug, do not like something or have a suggestion do not hesitate to send your feedback directly to the developer at


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